Int'l Attendees

Many of the attendees at KINGCA 2017 arrive from countries outside Korea, and KINGCA Week 2017 Administration’s goal is to make their entire experience as hassle-free and rewarding as possible.

Korea Visas

Foreign nationals entering Korea to attend KINGCA Week 2017 are generally required to have a valid passport and a Korean visa assigned by overseas branch of Korean embassy or consular offices. However, many are now permitted visa-free for a limited period under certain conditions following the "Citizens of the Countries under the Visa Exemption Agreement”. Any visitor from a country that has no diplomatic relations or no special visa exemption with Korea should obtain an entry visa before coming to Korea. If you are uncertain as to the requirements for entry visas to the Republic of Korea, please contact the Korean Embassy or the consulate nearest to you as soon as possible.

Designated Countries & Regions Granted Visa-Free Entry to Korea

Allowed to stay in Korea for 30 days only (unless otherwise specified below) for the purposes of tourism and visitation only.

As of May 24, 2016

Korea Visas
  • -Japan (90 Days)
  • -Hong Kong (90 Days)
  • -Macao (90 Days)
  • -Taiwan (90 Days)
  • -Kuwait (90 Days)
  • -Brunei
  • -Qatar
  • -Saudi Arabia
  • -Oman
  • -United Arab Emirates
  • -Bahrain (90 Days)
North America
  • -United States (90 Days)
  • -Canada (6 Months)
South America
  • -Argentina (90 days)
  • -Honduras (90 days)
  • -Paraguay (90 days)
  • -Uruguay (90 days)
  • -Ecuador
  • -Guyana
  • -Andorra (90 days)
  • -Monaco (90 days)
  • -San Marino (90 days)
  • -Cyprus (90 days)
  • -Albania (90 days)
  • -Croatia (90 days)
  • -Slovenia (90 Days)
  • -Vatican
  • -Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • -Serbia
  • -Montenegro
  • -Australia (90 Days)
  • -Guam
  • -Fiji
  • -Nauru
  • -Palau
  • -Marshall Islands
  • -Solomon Islands
  • -Micronesia
  • -New Caledonia
  • -Samoa
  • -Tuvalu
  • -Tonga
  • -Republic of South Africa
  • -Mauritius
  • -Seychelles
  • -Swaziland
  • -Egypt

Check this out for more helps!

  • -Ministry of Foreign Affairs Click
  • -Korea Immigration Service Click
  • -Hi Korea (e-government for foreigners) Click

Invitation Letter

An official invitation letter will be sent by the Chairman of KINGCA Week 2017 upon request. This personal invitation is intended to facilitate travel and visa arrangements for registered participants.

Visa applications are the sole responsibility of participants. To request an official invitation letter, participants must first complete the registration process. Registrants are able to download the invitation letter from "My Page" from the online registration page. In order to receive a hard copy of the invitation letter, a requester should send USD 30 for postage to the Secretariat in advance. Please check the bank information above.

Special software installation is required in order to print out the letters. Please note that the user's computer may automatically block the viewer program in some cases.

If an error page appears, please contact the Secretariat and we will send you the letter by email.

* Please note that KINGCA Week 2017 will not issue guarantee letters under any circumstances to participants for visa purposes. If you need any other documents, please contact the Secretariat (