Gastric Cancer Master Class

Pre-Congress visit to high volume center for one week.

Participants will experience current best-practices and surgical skills of Korean major centers, take part in a hands-on animal lab exercise, and come away with a clear view of the state of Gastric Cancer today. Learn and update yourself on the A to Z of gastric cancer in Korea.

How to Participate

  • Step 1 Find Institutions
  • Step 2 Download Application Form
  • Step 3 Send Application Form
  • Step 4 Completion

Key Date

  • -Application Deadline Extended: February 8, 2017
  • -Match Participants to the Institution: Mid-February, 2017

The Organizing Committee will match you to the institutes listed below. If the applicants converge toward few institutes, you might be allocated to some institutes which you would not select.
If you have any question about the Gastric Cancer Master Class, please send an e-mail (


March, 2017

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Major Center Site Visiting
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List of Center

1. Ajou University Hospital

Department Department of Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 3 Accommodation
Educational Content
  1. 1.Experience various laparoscopic surgeries at one of the high volume centers in Korea
    • -Enjoy about 10 cases of laparoscopic gastrectomies per week; more than 80% of all cases are performed by laparoscopic way even for AGC
    • -Experience cutting edge technology; Totally laparoscopic surgery including total gastrectomy (3D laparoscope)
    Robotic surgery
    Hybrid surgery/SNNS if possible
  2. 2.We can share the knowledge of the ongoing clinical trials and translational studies
    • -- Ajou university medical center have own lab (institute for gastric cancer mechanism), tissue bank, and laboratory animal research center
  3. 3.Surgical grand round and journal conference
    • -every Tuesday and Wednesday morning

2. Asan Medical Center (Department of Gastroenterology)

Department Department of Gastroenterology Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 2 Accommodation
Educational Content 1st week : Diagnostic endoscopy of UGI
2nd week: Therapeutic endoscopy of UGI

3. Asan Medical Center (Division of Stomach Surgery)

Department Division of Stomach Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 2 Accommodation x
Educational Content Gastric Cancer Surgery
  • -open surgery
  • -laparoscopic surgery: various reconstruction
; intracoporeal / extracorporeal anastomosis

4. CHA Bundang Medical Center, CHA University

Department Digestive Disease Center Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 2 Accommodation
Educational Content We will arrange their visit to our hospital, and help them learn various therapeutic endoscopy.
I proudly advise you that our digestive disease center has many up-to-date medical facilities and equipments, and that by using them our team has acquired some expertise in therapeutic endoscopy.
We are actively doing POEM, ESD, EMR, NOTES and confocal endomicroscopy. We can provide accommodation and meal during their stay.

5. Chonnam National University

Department Department of Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 2 Accommodation
Educational Content
  • -Laparoscopic surgery for AGC
  • -Various reconstruction after gastrectomy
  • -Reduced port surgery
  • -ERAS
  • -Surgical oncology clinical trial

6. Korea University Anam Hospital

Department Divion of Gasroenterologic Surgery, Department of Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 2 Accommodation
Educational Content
  1. 1)Observation at Operating theatre (for traditional, laparoscopic and robotic gastrectomy), Endoscope Room (for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures)
  2. 2)Participation at the Daily round, Inter-departmental Conferences, multidisciplinary team, Journal Club

7. Kyungpook National University Medical Center

Department Gastric Cancer Center Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 2 Accommodation
Educational Content Open distal gastrectomy
Open total gastrectomy
Laparoscopic distal gastrectomy
Laparoscopic total gastrectomy
Laparoscopic proximal gastrectomy with double tract reconstruction
Laparoscopy assisted pylorus preserving gastrectomy
Early postoperative intraperitioneal chemotherapy as an adjuvant treatment

8. National Cancer Center

Department Center for Gastric Cancer Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 2 Accommodation X
Educational Content
  1. 1.Experience in the operating room: Lararoscopy-/Robot- assisted gastrectomy, Sentinel lymph node guided surgery Conventional open gastrectomy
  2. 2.Experience in the endoscopic room: Endoscopic procedure observation
  3. 3.Participation in the multidisciplinary Conference

9. Samsung Medical Center

Department Department of Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 3 Accommodation
Educational Content Samsung Medical Center(SMC) is one of the largest hospital in Korea, which has a more than 2,000 beds.  SMC has also a comprehensive cancer hospital with updated equipment and 600 beds only for cancer patients.  For the gastric cancer center, it has gastroenterologists, gastric cancer surgeons, hemato-oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, supporting nurses, dietician, and social workers. The gastric cancer center has a well- designed guideline and multidisciplinary treatment modality for gastric cancer patients.  Education for multidisciplinary treatment modality is available. An experience at SMC will be valuable and memorable event.

10. Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Department Department of Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 3 Accommodation X
Educational Content Observation of laparoscopic advanced gastric cancer surgery, single incisional laparoscopic surgery, and laparoscopic transhiatal distal esophagectomy Discussion of laparoscopic gastrectomy with expert surgeons (Prof. Hyung-Ho Kim, Prof. Do Joong Park, Prof. Sang-Hoon Ahn) Participation in multidisciplinary conference for gastric cancer

11. Seoul National University Hospital

Department Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Department of Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 3 Accommodation
  1. 1.Seoul National University Hospital
  2. 2.SNU Cancer Hospital
  3. 3.Division of GI surgery & Lab. of Gastric cancer biology
Educational Content
  1. 1.Introduction

    The SNUH Gastric Cancer Center is one of the world-class centers at Seoul National University Cancer Hospital (SNUCH). Each year, about 1,000 gastric cancer surgeries are performed there with about 15% morbidity and 0.5% mortality. The cumulative number of gastric cancer surgeries performed at the center exceeded 20,000 in 2007, which is the highest number in any single institution in the world. We have provided an enriching educational experience to over 100 international clinicians (mostly faculty of major international institutions) at our center and developed an education program fit for academic physicians from all over the world, including China and even Japan. We have been running a fellowship exchange program with Roswell Park Cancer Institute since 2009, and one or two surgical oncology fellows visit our center yearly (7 fellows have visited our center for 1 month as part of their elective training course). We have also had many short-term visitors from all over the world through various routes. SNUCH Gastric Cancer Center can be the best option for global visitors for education on gastric cancer because it has high number cases per week in the world as well as structured and active research activities, even for but a short duration of a few weeks.

  2. 2.Short-term Visiting Fellowship program

    This is an integrated practical education course that provides experience with many diverse gastric cancer patients within a few weeks and is intended to offer a structured concept and knowledge of gastric cancer treatment. The visitors are expected to learn the basic principles of gastric cancer treatment, focused on gastric cancer surgery including lymph node dissection, post-operative management and chemotherapy. We hope they would be able to effectively apply their experience with a relatively large number of gastric cancer patients in their own practice in their home institutions. We also expect the introduction and discussion of research projects at SNUCH to develop a new international collaboration among gastric cancer researchers. more

    1. 1)Duration : 2 -week program courses
    2. 2)Accommodations: Accommodations can be arranged in advance.
    3. 3)Educational contents
      1. A.Gastric cancer operation: Indications and technical principles of each operation technique
        • -Operation schedule: Usually more than 20 gastric cancer surgeries weekly
          Open or Laparoscopic surgery: Mondays (a.m. and p.m.), Tuesdays (a.m. and p.m.), Wednesdays (p.m.), Thursdays (a.m. and p.m.) and Fridays (a.m. and p.m.)
          Robotic surgery: Wednesdays (a.m.) and Thursdays (a.m.)
        • -Types of operation: Radical Subtotal Gastrectomy, Pylorus Preserving Gastrectomy, Total Gastrectomy, Proximal Gastrectomy, etc.
        • -Concept and details of lymph node dissection: D1, D1+ and D2 LN dissection
        • -Review and discussion of selected articles from SNUCH on gastric cancer
      2. B.Post-operative care: Diet progression, management of complications, follow-up period and examinations
        • -In-patient Ward Round
        • -Outpatient Clinic: Wednesdays (p.m.), Thursdays (a.m. and p.m.)
      3. C.Conferences: Decision-making on difficult cases, discussion of interesting cases and publication updates
        • -Multidisciplinary Stomach Case Conference (Wednesdays, 17:00, biweekly): Case conference for decision-making or review (participants: surgeons, gastroenterologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and nuclear medicine specialists)
        • -Tumor Clinic of the Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery (Fridays, 07:00): Post-operative morbidity and mortality conference and journal review
        • -Surgical Grand Round of the Department of Surgery (Wednesday, 07:00): Lectures by invited speakers on all topics associated with surgical diseases (in English)
      4. D.Research meeting: Clinical and translational research activities of the Gastric Cancer Center
        • -Thursdays, 07:00
        • -Discussion of ongoing research activities by clinicians, the Gastric Cancer Biology Lab and collaborating researchers
      5. E.Endoscopy for gastric cancer: Diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer via endoscopy
        • -Observation of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD)
        • -Observation of gastroscopy and endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)
      6. F.Observation at the Outpatient Clinic and clinical trials of medical oncologists: Types and roles of chemotherapy for gastric cancer, clinical trials
      7. G.Opportunities to attend domestic scientific meetings or workshops on gastric cancer
    4. 4)Curriculum
      1. A.Operation
        - Understanding of different gastric cancer operations and concept of lymph node dissection
        - Observation of about 15-20 operations
      2. B.Post-op care
        - 2- to 3-day Ward Round and 1 session at the Outpatient Clinic
      3. C.Conferences
        - Multidisciplinary Stomach Case Conference: 1 time
        - Tumor Clinic and Surgical Grand Round: 1 or 2 times
      4. D.Research meetings
        - 2 times
      5. E.Endoscopic treatment
        - Endoscopic submucosal dissection: 1 session
      6. F.Concluding remarks at the end of the visit
        - Presentation of a summary of your experience; feedback from the faculty
    5. 5)Routine time table
      Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
      Surgical Grand Round
      Robot operation
      Patient education
      Research meeting
      (Stomach Cancer Case Conference)
      Outpatient Clinic or Operation
      Tumor Clinic
      Continued Operation Continued Operation 13:30
      Operation or Outpatient Clinic
      Continued Outpatient Clinic or Operation Continued Operation  
      Stomach Case
      Conference (biweekly)
      * Optional schedules can be arranged individually
      * More information is attached.

12. Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital

Department Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Department of Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017. 3. 15 – 3. 21
Person 2 Accommodation
Educational Content
  1. 1.Goal & Purpose of visiting
    1. 1)Following the visiting our hospital, visitor can obtain
      • -the basic principles and knowledge of treatment for gastrointestinal disease including gastric cancer, benign GI disease, and others.
      • -the concept of minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy and robotic) in GI disease.
    2. 2)Collaboration of clinical practice as well as academic works can be possible. more
  2. 2.Merits to visit our hospital
    1. 1)You can enjoy the brand new building hospital which is located at the center of Seoul. It has the latest equipments including da Vinci robot surgery system and the newest laparoscopic suites. Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital gained JCI and AAHARP approval that means the safety of patients as well as research activity are top class value.
    2. 2)We have our own training center for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) which has simulators of laparoscopy and da Vinci. This means you can experience the preclinical and clinical training tool for MIS.
    3. 3)Our department has very unique surgical endoscopic suite to perform diagnostic and surveillance gastrofiberscopy and we have our own training module for trainee. During your stay, you can see the endoscopy which is performed by surgeons.
    4. 4)We have fancy guest house and dormitory for foreign doctors to serve comfortable stay.
  3. 3.Contents
    1. 1)observation of surgery : on site training for operation
    2. 2)participation of academic conference : basic knowledge of treatment for gastric cancer, benign gastric disese, other upper intestinal disease
    3. 3)daily rounding : postoperative care
    4. 4)surgical endoscopy training
    5. 5)experience of various MIS training modules including laparoscopic, robotic simmulators.
  4. 4.Staffs
    Name Clinical dept.& Position Career(Y)/Main interest Assigned weeks
    Cho Hyun Park Gastrointestinal Surgery Professor 27 years Gastric cancer 50%
    Kyo Young song Gastrointestinal Surgery Professor 13years Gastric cancer, MIS 50%
  5. 5.Available time frame for clinical training
    No. Category Period (minimum) Date
    1 short-term 1 1 week 2016. 4. 7.- 5. 7.
  6. 6.Weekly Time Table
    Time/day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
    Conference (7:30-8:10 am) Journal reading GC team meeting business meeting
    case conference
    Morning (8:10-12:30) OR Training center Endoscopy OR OR
    Afternoon (1:30-5:00) OR study date teaching conference (2:00-4:00) Training center OR
    Afterwards Department Conference (6:30-9:00 pm)

13. Severance Hospital

Department Department of Surgery Site Visiting Program Date 2017.3.15-3.21
Person 2~3 Accommodation
Educational Content Various types of gastrectomy procedures including open, laparoscopic, & robot
(Weekly case volume: 6-8 open
16-18 laparoscopic, & 6-8 robot)
Weekly research meeting
Multidisciplinary treatment clinic for gastric cancer